Exotic Car Detailing Toronto

Exotic Cars

Finding the right shop to care for an exotic car can be quite an endeavor. Not every business shows the integrity and customer satisfaction to give exotic car owners confidence in their detailing services. RM Auto Salon is proud to be a trusted source of care for exotic cars. Twenty years of service has given us a lot of time to gain support from satisfied customers. Being fully insured and using efficient and safe, German equipment is just two more reasons why you can trust your car with us. You can be sure it will be ready to pick up in better shape than you left it.

Exotic cars are such a valuable thing to own. Whether you’ve bought one as a collectible or built one up with your own two hands, we know your exotic means a lot to you. Owning an exotic car can mean a lot of hard hours put into keeping it running and looking its best. RM Auto Salon takes work with exotic cars very seriously and our dedicated employees will work with you to ensure your unique car gets just the care it needs. With exotic cars, it can sometimes take a creative approach to getting its cleaning done efficiently. We’re dedicated to getting the job done right, even if it means thinking outside the box.


From deodorizing the interior of your vehicle to dressing the tires and rims, we’ve got you covered. Fortunately, if your vehicle needs a lot of work, we’ve got packages to make payment manageable. Exotic cars are so frequently on display that they need to look their very best! Driving around town is one thing, but if your car will be on display at a show or you plan on selling, it’s worth the price to cover every base.

We offer the services below if you only need select areas touched up. You can choose from the list below and pay individually!


  • Full Interior Vacuum
  • Floor Mat Shampoo
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Salt and Stain Removal
  • Fabric Protection
  • Deodorizing
  • Dash, Console, and Headliner Wiping
  • Vent detailed wiping & Clean
  • Door jambs cleaning
  • Trunk Vacuum, and Steam Wash & Cleaning
  • Pet Hair Removal


  • Hand Car Wash Shampoo
  • Dry Cleaning ( Chamois)
  • Compressed Air to Avoid Dripping
  • Tire & Rims Detailing
  • Tire Shine Dressing
  • Engine Shampoo
  • Stain, Salt, and Dirt Removal
  • Windows Cleaning Inside-out
  • Body Clay Bar Treatment

If you’re interested in the quality care we offer you and your vehicle, you can contact us with questions at (416) 729 9788 or start booking an appointment now!