As a leading car cleaning company, we love cars and the craft, dedication, and passion that goes into it. Any person who loves their vehicle will tell you that it is special to them and so much more than just a box with an engine on four wheels.

We are the type of company that likes to create more than just a customer base, we like to build a community. We know that if we provide first-class service and industry-leading valeting products then you are likely to tell your friends and family about this site and we encourage you to spread the word.

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371 Bradwick Drive, #2 , Concord On. L4K 2P4
416 729 9788; 905 738 6600

Our services


Full Interior Vacuum
Floor Mat Shampoo
Carpet Shampoo
Salt and Stain Removal
Fabric Protection


Hand Car Wash Shampoo
Dry Cleaning ( Chamois)
Compressed Air to Avoid Dripping
Tire & Rims Detailing
Tire Shine Dressing


Cleaning, Degreasing, and Shampooing the entire engine and hood with full protection and safety (Covering and Maintaining)

What else we provide?


Headlight restoration or plastic headlight restoration is the act of refinishing aged headlights lenses that have become discolored or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors such as road debris impact (stones, sand, etc.) rain, and exposure to caustic chemicals.

Who We Are?

- 3 Years Experience in Detailing Service Manager – Mercedes Benz, Hamburg
- 4 Years Experience as Detailing Service Manager – Audi, Hanover
- 2 Years Experience as Detailing Service Manager– Porsche, Hamburg

  • V.I.P Detailing
  • Showroom Detailing
  • Exotic Detailing
Experienced Team
Steam Cleaning
Best Products
Full Car Wash

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